A new unruly

by Hanna Broback

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released December 11, 2015

All music written, played, and recorded by Hanna Broback, except drums on track 1, played by Allan Boothe.
Thanks to Jeff at Swoon Records for further production of the tracks, and to Allan for all your support, and guidance in recording.



all rights reserved


Hanna Broback Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: A new unruly
Chasing lightning on the floor
illuminating all the sores

A new unruly, slowing down
filling up to go out of town

Sunlight resting on your toes
illuminating all our lows
Track Name: Rocket
A rocket shoots up from the middle of a park
like from the middle of a blackened desert
we're transported to a place where doubts can't reach us
can't teach us to be afraid of our own power

How did she know she couldn't hit it?
the baseball dream
footsteps in deep dust
the soft thrust

It's hard to know the story
when you're giving up on asking

it's hard to know the feeling
when you're giving up on looking
Track Name: Clatter
A rock holds me to it, a boulder
it doesn't really matter now, the clatter
in the bathroom, down the hall

Were you the one who put
your hand on my back?

torrents to remember you by
me, a wreck of flesh

To make a sound like that
a doorknob breaking off
a crow in the loft
Track Name: No aurora
Left the house in pieces
pieces of its glass stuck in my face

Darkening, wednesday alone
crumpling the hours that I used to unfold

Three level jump to the apartment roof
I saw the stars, couldn't see the northern lights

Where are you now in your dream-world?
Up on a mountain, the aurora flashing through

Outside, a new mist
the old fist

I remember how much
I thought I missed
Track Name: Red sky darkening
Stop looking down the stairs
there's someone there
all you do seems to scare
ghosts through the air

we're breathing them like fumes
of silence, violence
in a cold dark room

Stop looking at his face
kind eyes, red hate
searching for a place
remind me, I'm not safe

dead leaves surround our feet
in silence, violence
in a cold dark street

Lost thought

Red sky darkening
Track Name: Curling wires
In the winter there was
no room for growth.
Curling wires away from the heat and
around my fingers.
Going in on myself, curling into a knot
Intricate folds, tales of dark dens,
and escaping.

Lengths of fortune
dying into the cut of ribbon
roads rhythmic in summer's glare.
heat mystifies.
Secrets sequestered in warm caves
and rivulets that turn into silver in fall

Watching a movie, folds evaporated
night seemed desperate.
We moved and found moths around us
soft dust
Track Name: Sitting in the back of the car
Walls untie, release a shutter
Where did we fly and why did we try?
I forgot to tell you: the water under the bridge
is dark blue

Shooting into time, I wonder
Leaving a leaf in a pocket of summer
I forgot to tell you: in the morning I'm flying to you

Suddenly, we came to your house
clotheslines were out, grass was long
when was the last time you mowed the lawn?
we lay down

Sitting in the back of the car
down your street
Track Name: Manx
Half a day and into night
Morning rays took flight
and I knew I was missing you

half a day and into night
the bluest haze turned to night
and I knew you were in the woods

I imagined you wrestling something serious
exploring roots and crevices
I imagined a hungry coyote
and I bet you put up a pretty good fight
but you sure didn't come home that night

Wetland woods and old black tires
broken plates and bent-back wires
All the ditches I have walked along

Wetland woods and old black tires
Storied streams I'm getting tired
and I can't find you anywhere

Running up
running up the trees
running through the woods
exploring your enemies
I imagined you wrestling
a hungry coyote
Track Name: Red Sky Part 2
I woke up at 10:45. Nothing at first replaced dreams of a friend cutting up dead bodies. carrying frozen red meat across a field where I was watching a baseball game and eating potato chips that were lying in the grass.

I knew I had to leave for work in 15 minutes. It was saturday and I felt downcast, laid my head on my knees and imagined shaking a big striped blanket out to lay on sunny grass.

Putting my hand on my head, I felt smooth grass clinging to it and I decided to take a shower.

It's winter. Frost envelopes and recedes like seasons rapidly progressing. Life takes too long to happen and then weeks go by and I feel I've missed so much. Impossible to catch and examine; like a moth, I can only examine and appreciate its beauty in sleep or in death.

Turn around and look at myself, I'm disoriented.
Track Name: Fugitive
Night time expands like an accordion
breathing sadness songs again
how many weeks had I been away?
Follow me outside alone tonight
winds are warning but porch lights adorn our way
Wandering streets like an alien
I know no one, no connections, no confidence

Faltering, don't fall apart
I'm fond of you, don't forget it.
Several times, I'm surrounded
I wish I could take you back with me

Night time expands to let us in
breathing sadness songs again
Track Name: Masha & Dasha
Suddenly spineless
buckling between
gulps of august air

A girl
head of a dog
fluids draining

stairways of clouds pummel her
muddy, bloody grass
limbs surround her

Flimsy punch of fist
a lisp she forgot was the other head on her shoulders
and can't replace it

so stolen
died twice
Track Name: Perils
Who could have known?
not full grown
a song surrounds us

How many perils
walking home
drenched in rain

Where did we hide?
eyes so wide
it wasn't hard to decide

We arrived at the motel. windows were dark. cactuses stood staunch against a strong wind. In the hallway smell my grandpa's cigarettes. pink carpet, we found door 49.
Watching the alarm clock, can't stand the desert silence.
Oh! street lights look dismal. cold saturation. I guess nothing tonight.
Where are you? Wind picks up and hair blows across your face.
I can't see you anymore.